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Breeder EMR Exotic Bird Breeder
San Diego, CA, US
Bird ID 158172
Price $2,300.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex M
Age Weaned
Posted 2/11/2018

Adorable CAG baby, still on 2 feedings a day. Smartest of all the parrots, talks sing mimic sounds and many others. Well sought as pets. Being weaned with Roudybush pellet and fresh veggies and some fruits. Taking deposits now, will be ready by 1st wk in March.

Delta Airline shipping $175: plus shipping crate of $45 sml, $55 med and $65 lg, X-lg $75 (made of hard plywood, very safe for the birds). Additional $50 charge for orders under $500
Please check my website for policy and health guaranty.

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EMR Exotic Bird Breeder

San Diego, CA