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East Stroudsburg , PA, US
Bird ID 151974
Price $1,600.00 N/A
Total Available 1
Age Born
Posted 12/1/2017

Beautiful Umbrella cockatoo is available. Umbrella Cockatoos are gentle, docile, and sweet tempered by nature, making them well suited to be companion birds. Umbrella Cockatoos are active birds, and like all parrots, they need ample time out of their cage each day for play and exercise. The strong beak of the Umbrella Cockatoo must be exercised as well, so it is critical that you provide these birds several chewable bird toys and rotate the toys so they have something different to play with. Toys provide exercise, stimulation, and enrichment. Keeping toys in stock is a very important part of the responsibility of keeping a bird such as an Umbrella Cockatoo. East Stroudsburg PA 18301. We can ship for $125 Weather Permitting. Any questions please feel free to message me or email me at Thank you! Call Ana for more information @ 646-496-5005.

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