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Breeder Sissy's bird colony LLC
Aylett, VA, US
Bird ID 148908
Price $215.00 Each
Total Available 2
Sex F
Age Weaned
Posted 11/2/2017
Hatched 9/5/2017
Ready 11/2/2017

Two beautiful Heavy pied cockatiels. One is weaned and the other one is really close to it. Very sweet loving birds. Both birds were DNA tested and the fee for that is already included in the price. You will receive a certificate with the results on it. The price is for each bird.

Shipping with the USPS is available. I will need your zip code to look up the shipping price. Shipping with Delta is also available. An estimated price with Delta and new carrier is about $200 (bird price not included).

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Sissy's bird colony LLC

Aylett, VA