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Breeder Wendys Winged Companions Aviary
Roxboro, NC, US
Bird ID 141590
Price $400.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex M
Age Weaned
Posted 8/12/2017
Hatched 6/16/2017
Ready 8/12/2017

Beautiful blue quaker baby, very laid back and friendly, weaned and ready to meet his permanent family. Quakers are good talkers, cuddly and make great pets, and can live 25 - 40 years when cared for properly. DNA Certificate will be provided with the baby.

Shipping Available at buyers expense thru Delta or Continental. Prices for continental United States run around $175 for major airports, Dash shipments may be slightly higher.
Buyers have three days to have bird checked by their vet, refund or replacement at sellers discretion for any vet documented conditions.

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Wendys Winged Companions Aviary

Roxboro, NC