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highly recommended caique breeder
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Posted 2/26/2007 4:20:49 PM Post #785

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i looged onto this site in search of white bellied caiques to purchase one for my girlfreind.  As I scrolled through the site I came across (all birds feathered treasures) i contacted Kathy over there by email and she explained to me how the process works.  She is a woman that cares about the homes her birds end up in.  She does pre-screen future buyers to make sure the home is suitable and the owners are aware of exactly what type of bird they will receive.  After exchanging a few emails I sent out a money order for the bird and the shipping cost.  She was sure to make sure the weather was suitable before the baby bird was shipped.  To my suprise when i went to the airport, I saw that the little birdie didnt have it so bad after all in her travel case, she sent her in a ta-ravel case usually used for cats fully equiped with food, toys, a perch and a sleeping hut.  She must have spent a good amount of time nutrturing the bird because she was just toooooo freindly when we receuved her, at first she did not like the african grey whcich we already had, but after the first 2 days they are getting along much better, I must admit i was a little scepticql at first, but i can assure any future buyers from experience that this lady does a fine job at breeding and finding good homes for her exotic birds.....
Posted 2/28/2007 7:44:11 AM Post #787

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Hi there,

You should consider putting your praises for her on her ratings portion of birdbreeders. 

Stacy Shue
Blake Aviary

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