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BH Caique Hen?
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Posted 12/2/2006 10:03:04 PM Post #683

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Caiques are rare up here in Northern Minnesota. I got my male, Dweezel in March of '05 and ever since have been asked by people "Where can I get one of those wonderful birds?" I have decided to start breeding them in the spring of '08 when my male is ready but I would like to find a female for him ahead of time (fairly soon here) so they can have enough time to bond before they are of breeding age. The only problem is, I have just started breeding birds (lovebirds) and do not yet have to extra finances to buy another Caique. I am also planning on breeding Senegals (I need a female-which are hard to find in the age range I need!) which I am hoping will somewhat fund my expanding breeding hobby. Does anyone know where I can find one and make payments? Or should I just wait until I have the whole sum and am financially prepared to buy one in one lump some? I have no problem supporting my birds, they have a wonderful, healthy and varied diet and they get all the toys and vet care they need. I wanted to breed to give people wonderful sweet babies and (though I know it may sound bad) I was hoping to fund the care of my pets through breeding (though I know this may not happen). Any advice (even if it is not to breed) would be appreciated! Thanks!
Posted 2/1/2007 3:34:38 PM Post #758

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I would say if you don't have finances to breed - don't do it....there's too many things that you can run into.  Like egg-binding, for example.  Vets are pretty steep, especially when it comes to exotic birds - and OH - it's hard to find a 'certified' vet as well.  So BE CAREFUL!!!

Some birds are rare in some parts of the country...but many breeders are getting older and getting out of the business as well.  However, they want to sell their entire flock in most cases.

But I'd say, until you're realllly ready...don't get into it.



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