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THe Wonderful Tiels
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Posted 7/9/2006 9:47:17 AM Post #552

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I know many of you are breeders of birds of all species and not even sure if my thoughts will be welcome. However I have had birds in my life for 20 some yrs now and worked in the field of animal medicine for 16yrs so I have learned a lot. I think more so by hands on and my own experiences but medical wise by a wonderful Avian vet. I had the pleasure of owning a wonderful intellegent Cockatiel many years ago. Singer was already 10 yrs old when I got him. I must say this guy was the best little bird.  Was quite the little nipper when he first arrived but that side soon went away and a loving little bird emerged. Always happily whistling or talking to me. I considered myself lucky to have had this little guy in my life for over 10 yrs and still miss his morning whistling. I know people say they are a good starter bird and agree somewhat with this but honestly think they are one of the most easily given up birds, the rescues are full of them. They most definately have a mind of their own with a stubborn streak. If you put time into these little guys you can't ask for a better companion. They can have quite  a great vocabulary and ability to whistle many tunes.


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