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Cockatoos are always the 1st ones up for adoption!
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Posted 10/18/2008 2:02:07 AM Post #1618

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Hi,, I read your email. very good,,I do agree,, I just adopted a 6 yr old cockatoo,, and she doesnt scream. I wonder if she is NEW,, that is why,,,,,or just got lucky? addy

Posted 10/18/2008 2:07:20 AM Post #1619

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Hi I too just adopted a cockatoo a few weeks ago,, an Umbrella. Her name is Roxy,,sounds like he is doing better adjusting than she is,,,,she is Terrified of EVERYTHING.. including me at this point,, actually has gotten a little better,, but she came from a QUIET home of an elderly lady that did NOTHING with her. she is 6 yrs old,, I cant even get her to step up on me. when she is in her cage,,she will want to get out,, and go on top of her cage FOREVER to never come down. Will let me pet her now, but will not step up on me for nothing . Any suggestions.. Just time right?

Thanks Addy/Roxy


Posted 1/15/2009 7:27:14 AM Post #1759

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We just got a U2, she is a sweet girl! she is 10yrs old been w/ the same family since hatchling. We had a U2 before but when we moved out of state we had to find him a new home. She isn't much of a screamer until we are out of her sight, but then it's a full's more"hey where'd ya go". She was well taken care of and not too many bad habits.She DOES not like foods other than her pellet and seeds.So gotta work on that. I tried giving her some veggies but she wouldn't touch them. She pretty much likes everyone and is willing to let who ever "rub" her. we are very happy to add her to our flock



Posted 1/20/2009 11:52:58 AM Post #1761

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I am getting my first U2 in Feb. just a few weeks away and I am as excited as I was when I was expecting my son! Worried about a few things too just like I was when I was pregnant with my son too. I have done my research, in fact for the last almost 2 yrs most of my online time and "free time"(if there is any considering I am now a stay at home mom) is spent reading up on either cockatoos (umbrellas and citrons) or Congo African Greys (which I have in my home). I have been in the middle of 5 babies as they did their call to their flock at 5pm at the avian store 100 miles away and though it was loud I guess my love for the animals made it one heck of an experience. I have found a breeder online who cares more for her birds then she does the money she'll make off of them and unlike most breeders she will even take the baby back if you can no longer care for it (which I am hoping never happens)

Ive named him Bayle already and though I know they are the number 1 rehomed bird and Ive done all the research and I continue to still ask questions I will always have worries. What if I over love him and he cant be without me. I know being consistent from day one is necessary but I do have a husband who just like with our son Im sure will allow the bird to get away with things one day and not the next and Ive no idea how to prevent that

I also considered and checked into adoption of a U2. But living in North Dakota currently they are few and far between. When I contacted a facility they informed me that if I moved from ND I would have to give the bird back to them and since we do not plan to live here much longer it was not an option for me..  My birds are like my kids they are with me forever so that is why I chose not to adopt.

Posted 2/7/2010 12:25:41 AM Post #2171

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Try to find their favorite treat.  I have a Major Mitchell Cockatoo we named Admiral because my husband couldn't remember the type of bird and could only think of an admiral in the Navy.  Admiral was store bird for 2 1/2 years stuck in a cage.  He has a generic eye condition in that one of the eye sockets is deformed therefore was never to be sold.  We meant him when we brought our catilina macaw who was 2 months old.  Due to our busy schedules we were not able to do the feedings so we visit everyday.  My husband starting to feed Admiral peanuts and each day he was waiting for him.  After a month hubby took him out of the cage to hold me and the store employees about had a heart attach as they mention he is mean and bites. Admiral took to him, got on his shoulder, and loves to hang from hubbies baseball hat.  The store manager came up to us and ask if we were interested him purchasing him as the employees were amazed how Admiral attitude changed.  This bird sort of found us and is the sweetest bird, has his own routine, eats at the dinner table with us, and everyone loves him.

When I mention I have a cockatoo many individuals express the concerns around the grandchildren but once they get to know him they fall in love especially when he gives kisses.  Oh by the way back to his routine,  he wants dinner at 5 PM, he gets his loving time at 8PM, and wants to go to his change for the night by 8:30 PM.  Hubby travels a lot and if does not call by 7:30 Admiral has a fit until I call dad to say good night. 

Posted 2/5/2012 2:03:31 AM Post #2852

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I am looking to purchase a cockatoo and in my home there is never a day that goes by that we dont have all kinds of stuff going on...(I mean that in a good way of course). When it comes to attention and care that is the least of my worries because we are aware of the high demand that these birds need. I have seen them before but I have never myself owned one. I am in no way worried that I cant give the necessary attention and care but do need some advice on how to keep my bird alert and entertained. I will be sure to get many toys and there will always be people around but how do I keep my bird from getting bored. We are a very happy home and we do have children who are very kind and gentle with animals but will this attention ever be too much or too little?? I ask because of the lack of experience in personally having one. I am not doubting myself but with all the complaining I have seen about these birds I cant help but be concerned. Am I wrong in wanting to give such a beautiful bird a home...I will gladly take any advice anyone is willing to give... Thankyou in advance.

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