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Posted 5/29/2014 3:39:38 PM Post #3367

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Hello Everyone.
I am an experienced hand feeder. I'm seeking one and possibly two Rose Breasted Cockatoo's. If on the east coast I can drive to pick them up if they are unweaned. If weaned and too far to drive I would like to ship.

Here is my problem: My husband died and my assets are currently frozen until the "estate" gets through probate. As of Monday (May 26, 2014)) it was submitted to probate for approval and I should know something by next week sometime. After it is through probate it will take perhaps a week or two for my own finances to get to me/bank. I would like to pay a small down payment to hold them until the estate gets through probate and reaches me. Once it does I will be after them in a heartbeat. I honestly CAN'T WAIT.

I am seriously afraid that I will miss this years clutches because of this whole estate thing and am hoping that somebody will understand this unique situation and help me make my and my daughters dream happen.

Please let me know if you can.
Thank you so much.
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