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Hello from North Carolina
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Posted 3/27/2014 11:16:52 AM Post #3355

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I dont have any birds at the moment, used to have a pair of parakeets but had to give them a better home when I left to join the Air Force 6 years ago. Most recently I have been wanting an African Grey as a new addition to the family now that I have got myself situated more comfortably. Currently we (my wife and I) have a Peekapoo about 5 years old she just had puppies with her aunt and uncles pug when they went to visit after I deployed (still deployed btw lol) so I have 6 peekapugs? now as well that i need to find homes for. Anyway wife and I can not have children and love animals so I am wanting to get a more talkative pet in the house, have to admit that I do miss my parakeets even to this day, even the sounds and singing they did.

My biggest concern with getting an African Grey is what illnesses do they most commonly get and how do I go about finding one? Also would love to find one around $500 if that is even possable?

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