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Hi from Mississippi
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Posted 11/1/2013 9:15:13 PM Post #3322

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Hello my name is Beth, I live in Mississippi with my husband, three dogs, two guinea pigs, a sun conure and a bonded pair of green cheeks. We have been married 15 years and our big animal people. When we got married, MY hubs had a quaker and a sun conure. The quaker named Max was a one person bird by this I mean chris only. the sun named Sebastian was the most awesome birdie ever. After we got married, We moved to a place we couldnt have the birds so his parents kept them. To our upset she rehomed them. A few years later we moved and could have pets again. So we got a tiel named Spike and enjoyed his company for about five years. One weekend we found him dead after my husbands best friend and family left our house. We are afraid the kids had fed him something he should have not ate. We did tell them not to and the bird was not left unsupervised with the kids by us anyways. So when we had recovered several years later 2012 we began searching for a new feathered companion... I found ms shirley online and contacted her. She had some sun babies that would be ready after the first of the year 2013.He was handfed baby me and my hubs purchased from an awesome breeder who I still talk to and share photos on her fb page. She sent us pictures as he grew and it was the most awesome thing to see him transform into a feathered friend. Chipper is a 11 month old Now (not sexed) but named after the oregon ducks ex coach... The husband was born in oregon and a big fan.

We were visiting chris's parents who live two hours away from us tuesday (Oct 29, 13). When I found a add and picture of a bonded pair of green cheeks. The picture was so pitful and disturbing. They were in a very small cage, feathers and nails were so long, no toys.... it was so sad. The lady selling them had purchased them (so she says) not long ago to breed them for her kids( yea I know right). The owner had purchased them from a breeder and then her mother fell ill and later passed away. She missed a month of work and now could not afford or the time to keep them. I talked my hubs and we went to get them that afternoon.. we paid 150 for them and she didnt even bring any food for us. She told us that she was told to not handle them since she was planning to breed them. I think they were never handled because the female wont even come near you but the male will come to the side of the cage while you talk to him. He will come to you but bites very hard.. They didnt even have names ugh... So they are now Bonnie and Clyde.
This is why I have decided to join your forum... I need Help... Im probably in way over my head. I dont know how to care for a bonded pair much less tame them.

Please any advice would be appreciated.... and very much needed.

My questions are

I can stick my hand in the cage and do things but no handling without gloves and cupping them. Once we cup them to where they cant hurt themselfs trying to get away or us they dont seem to mind being touched. Dont know if this is good or not He did take a bit of apple from me when he wasnt trying to get my fingers. lol and the female wont come to treats but will listen when u talk to her.
I sit and talk to them and they seem to enjoy it.

Will they breed on their own even if I dont wish for them too?

If they do and i hand raise babies (chippers breeder will be there for me but lives an hour a way) but curious about them not beeing tamed during the breeding process?

I have been reserching and reading up on some of this but its better to hear it from an expert.

We clipped their wings and nails the night we got them. I put them in a temporary cage till we order theres. How big should it be? I bought a few things for their cage and will buy more when we order the cage.

Chipper(sun conure),Bonie & clyde (Bonded pair green cheeks)
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