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selling our rescued Red-sided boy
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Posted 6/18/2013 9:08:15 AM Post #3249

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My husband and i recently rescued an eclectus and have rehabed him a bit and changed his diet for the better and are needing to find him a home. he will not come with a cage as we were having to have him share with our other parrot but they get along just fine. My parrot tries to play baby to him and have him feed him. its hilarious! he is tame once you pick him up and he is actually child, man and woman friendly. my three year old carries him around the house and feeds him by hand.
I will not negotiate his price as we paid well over 1k for him as the people trying to "get rid of him" wouldnt go lower and then we had to vet him, and buy all new food for him. he has an aviator harness also and a hoodie that he will wear. He will also come with a powder coated travel carrier, some toys, perches, and lots of pellets and beans for sprouting.

seeing how he was taken care of, we had to help him out. Exotic Parrots are not cheap and we would like at least a fraction back of what we shelled out for everything. he does talk and will let you kiss his beak but isnt really crazy about letting you pet him a lot, but will tolerate it some. if he doesnt want to be touched or messed with he will just growl at you as a warning. he has NEVER drawn blood but will give you a warning "bite" that doesnt really hurt but is just telling you basically not now. he really is a sweet boy! please email for more information and pictures if you are seriously interested in giving him a forever home. this is what we ultimately wanted for him so we will be picky about where he goes. we live in Charleston, sc.......asking for 900 for him. Thanks for reading!
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