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Cockatiel Male & 2 Females
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Posted 6/14/2013 2:19:58 PM Post #3242

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I bred all kindsa birds for 7 years, ending 15 years ago when I lost my birds in a divorce (imagine that . . .). In getting restarted, I'm working with Cockatiels to begin. I have a situation in which I've discovered a Grey Male (not what I want but it came in a package) has proven to be a male and has mated with 2 females (whose sex was unknown until I saw them mating) -- one a Split Grey and one a Cinnamon. There are eggs in 2 nestboxes.
Noooow --> Will this situation allow eggs to be properly incubated and the babies properly cared for ??? With my Cinnamon, I don't really want babies thru a Grey anyway -- it's taking my flock in the wrong direction -- (Further away from Fancies). The eggs in the nestbox with the female Grey are several, and not being looked after properly as of now.
My thought is to get rid of the male, throw all the eggs out, get some fancy males, and go from there. Why put my females thru the stress of settin' eggs, &&& if they will not be able to properly incubate and feed them. Much stress on the females and, at best, for grey birds that are not what I want -- I can wholesale them for 10 bucks each and that's it. I certainly don't want to keep any . . .

Thanks for Reading, and any & all thoughts shared in reply will be much appreciated.

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