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Hello need help finding and getting macaw to Canada
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Hello need help finding and getting macaw to... Expand / Collapse
ISO Male Scarlet Macaw
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Posted 4/6/2013 5:09:36 PM Post #3209

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After recently losing my male scarlet to a heart aneurism, I'm desperately searching for another male. Need to find some serious and legitimate, I've been in birds a long time, I do not breed unless its for myself and I do not promote mating among my gang.
I've attached a link to view our aviary.
I'll explain a few things about bringing a bird into Canada. It easier for a U.S. citizen to bring a " pet bird" into canada than it is for me to travel across purchase one and bring it back. I can provide links that explain this. But I'll break it down. Basically a pet bird can be brought into Canada as long as the "owner" has a USDA veterinarian health check certificate, any previous health records, they must sign an affidavit saying the bird has been in there possession for the last 90 days and the bird must appear to be in good health.
I would make it worth the person time, also there could be the option of bringing other birds across, the reason for this is that the gene pool is getting very limited here and there is a big price differential
If you are a true aviculturist and are interested please get in touch, this is all legal just trying to make things easier.


Rick .
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