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Posted 11/24/2012 10:33:21 PM Post #3126

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Hi folks! I have been working with and training birds of many species across the board (parrots, birds of prey, corvids, etc...) for about 5 years now. Just recently got married and settled into our new home and new life (with baby on the way) and got a collection of 7 parrots from a private zoo. I intend to breed the two pairs I have (congo african greys and blue and gold macaws) but it's my first time ever doing any breeding. My macaws just recently got their nest/heat box for the winter and have settled into it nicely, and have also become quite aggressive towards me. Only one of my greys shows any interest in their nest box. I also have a single blue and gold macaw who just recently has decided to become aggressive about her heat box, and two singly housed lorikeets (rainbow and olive headed). I have limited experience hand raising babies. So I come to this web site to hopefully gain some helpful tips and wisdom for breeding because this is very foreign territory to me.
Posted 12/17/2012 3:33:36 PM Post #3144

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Hi ,

Welcome to the Bird Breeders Forum and Happy Holidays!! It is totally normally for them to become agressive when nestbox is placed. They are protecting it as they would thier babies. You might want to read Hand-feeding and Raising Baby Birds by Vriends. It is helpful in case you do get babies as sometimes they might need to pulled from the parents earlier then 3 weeks. This book even explains handfeeding from Day 1 if needed.

Best Regards,

Mandy (Singing Wings Aviary)

Mandy Tucker

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