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Hi Everyone!
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Posted 8/19/2012 11:32:40 AM Post #3077

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Hi Everyone!  I just joined and m looking forward to sharing information about my flock, learning more about my bird family and others'.  I started with a Cockatiel I took in several years ago and now have 14 adults (2 Blue and Gold macaws, 2 Arican Greys, 4 Eclectus, 4 Cockatiels, and 2 Hahns Macaws) and 4 babies (one Hahns and three Cockatiels and 6 more Cockatiel chicks hatching in the next couple of weeks.)  I absolutely love hand feeding the babies and have even successfully hand fed a few from the day they hatched. 

Once family, friends and clients heard about our birds, we started getting calls about re-homing birds.  About half of our flock came from other homes and then after a while I found friends for each of them.  I've even re-homed one myself (a yellow-collared macaw - Miss Hattie) after working with her for about a year - felt she would continue to thrive in a one bird home and I was so right.  She has been happily living in a one pet family for a couple of years now and loves it.

We work at home which makes it easy to keep an eye on them and let them spend time with us both at work and after work hours.  We love them all and look forward to sharing our experiences.


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