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Hello Everyone! I'm new and Happy to join this Fabulous website!
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Hello Everyone! I'm new and Happy to join... Expand / Collapse
Posted 8/7/2012 6:14:41 AM Post #3059

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Hello, my name is Tom. I share my home with two very special parrots. One very spoiled 12 yr. old B&G Macaw who is bonded to me and a 15 yr. old Timneh Grey who was a rescue that unfortunately has the bad habit of plucking every time he is returned to his cage. Because I have to go out of town 2 days a week he must be returned to his cage. He does not like woman and my wife is scared of him seeing he bite her and she needed 7 stitches. I have had him checked out by an avian vet at LSU veterinarian hospital who has told me my grey is in very good health. I keep plenty of toys in his cage which I change out every 5 days in hopes he'll stop plucking. I keep him in a very large cage so he has plenty of room. I am wondering if maybe he needs a mate. When he was rescued he was housed with another Grey. I hoped to get them both when I adopted him but the other Grey was already adopted out. So needless to say, I am looking to adopt a female for him with hopes of the two bonding and producing fertile eggs. Years ago I hand raised cockatoos and had a blast watching them grow and interacting with them. I feel a hand raised parrot is a product of his/her environment. In my opinion, if chicks are raised with plenty of love, attention, the correct diet, and stability a wonderful companion will be produced!

I am joining this forum with hopes of getting good sound advice from knowledgeable people who share my love for birds.

Happy to be here and glad to meet you all!
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