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Senegal Breeders lack of breeding- should I move them or add seed?
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Posted 4/21/2012 12:58:10 PM Post #2948

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I aquired a pair of Senegals 6 and 7 years old mid Jan, that were on chicks when I purchased them. They stayed in my home two days watching me feed their 2 week old babies. Then I moved them to a detached garage in front of a bay window (glass filters UV light), in their same 2 by 8 foot cage, same breeder box and with same wood shaving material lining the breeder box. They have not seen there babies since the first two days in mid Jan.

 I changed  their names, and over a week converted them from an all seed diet with a few apples that they had been  on to a diet of roudy bush and fresh foods. I did this based on what I had read about seed diets, though they had obviously produced regardless for the last owner on that diet. They had also been kept outdoors in a leaky pole barn that was open on one side giving them plenty of light, with theating  only heat available being the hebrating pad bungie corded to the outside of the breeder box, that had kept the babies from freezing.

The mother gets a head scratch once a day when I feed them and they are not disturbed other than that. I sometimes leave a radio on for them, heat or fan depending on the weather. Check the nest box only if they have been spending time there. They rearrange the shavings and mom was going in and out a few days in March and a few more in April.

I am considering moving them near my pool. It is screened and that is good in case the pair tried to fly out of the cage on me. It is built into the side of a hill and has two tall brick walls in one corner that would make a good wind break. With the weather heating up I was concerned that if they didn't lay now babies laid later in the garage might become over heated. The pool will have my kids in and out as it warms up too and not provide as much privacy as the detached garage does.

Should I just add seed back to their diet? Will moving them ruin my chances of a second clutch or be a good thing? From what you read, what am I doing wrong?


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