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New Pionus very stand offish
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Posted 4/9/2012 4:29:54 PM Post #2939

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I bought a hand fed blue headed pionus from a breeder here.  One of the reasons I bought was the advertisement that not only was it hand fed but also socialized.  I have had him now since Thursday of last week.  He has a large cage, plenty of toys, etc.  It took a day before he seemed to acclimate and really start eating.  I did as suggested and left him be in the cage for the first 24 hours and just talked to him.  After that, I would sit by the cage and talk to him.  I have left the cage door open in hopes that he might want to venture out which he did both yesterday and today.  My problem is that any time anyone goes near the cage, this bird absolutely freaks out.  He will first of all basically dive to the other side of the cage, in addition he screams and does the typical pionus wheezing sound of fear.  Forget even trying to put my hand near him, he freaks out even more. 

I was advised to wait until he came out to the door and then try to cup my hands and pick him up.  Nothing doing with him.  My whole point in buying this bird was that it was socialized.  While I am by no means an expert in parrots, I am not a novice either.  We have several hand fed birds in the house and I have never experienced such fear from any of them.  I know it is less than a week and patience is a virture but I really did expect a little more.  Can anyone offer any advice as to what I can do? 

I am not naming the breeder here because so far he has responded to my emails and has tried to help me by giving me advice.  Nothing seems to work. 

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