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Almost Naked Blue and Gold Macaw
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Posted 2/21/2012 10:45:15 AM Post #2871

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Hello feathered friends.  I need some help. I know about pluckers and some ideas to distract them but I have never seen an almost bald bird before. I tell you, there are no pin feathers, no down, no pulled pieces on the bottom of the cage, only a naked bird. A bird owner for 25 years contacted me, she decided to place her pet outside her dads home, he is too old to care for the bird and she is moving. She ran into me and asked if I could help. I visited this bird to see what I was up against. He was almost naked, not a single toy, ate odd foods but at least a good seed mix also, was alone in a cage for 25 years. Boy or girl, who knows. He was once friendly, not will bite. He needs love, a nail trim or more, and friends and TOYS!!  Well, what do you think about him without feathers? Do you think that they might grow? I plan on isolation from my other birds for awhile...I will also vet check him/her when he settles down. The move will be shocking. Towels, screaming, and the owner is afraid to go near him. I have saved others before, happy, healthy and even another plucker type, but I have never seen this before.  Any thoughts from you experienced friends? God bless you, cyndy

Thank you and God bless you,
cyndy k
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