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Tennessee Lovebird Babies?
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Posted 1/6/2012 3:36:38 PM Post #2819

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I am currently trying to decide whether to get another Lovebird or not... I'm still up in the air about it. I just recently lost my 18 year old lovebird, Sunshine. I was 9 when I got him, So i've pretty much had him my entire life. Pretty devastated.

So I'm trying to decide if I would be one of those people who will constantly compare the new baby to Sunshine, or if getting a different species would be enough.

First, Anyone know of any Lovebird breeders around the Nashville area? Handfed only.... and preferably not on an all seed diet....

Also, Sunshine was Lutino Peachface.... are all species/subspecies of lovebirds similar in temperment? Yes, I know all birds can have a different personality... but most birds I have been around fit very closely into their breed temperment (i.e. Congo & Timneh Greys, Catalina Macaws, Hahn's Macaws, Conjures). Of course I say that, but before I got Sunshine, everyone would say how mean lovebirds are..... definately not his case.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree here.... should I be looking towards a completely different bird? If so, anyone know how Eclectus's compare to lovebirds temperment wise?

I kind of don't want to deal with this in another 10-18 years, so maybe a bigger bird would be better....

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Posted 1/12/2012 4:03:18 PM Post #2822

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Depending on your living situation and Eclectus is and can make a wonderful pet. Eclectus require a special diet more so than any other parrot. No colored pellets and feeding a organic pellet and fruits and veggies. I feed my male Ekkie all of the above and Volkmans seed mixture for Eclectus but I limit seed and pellets and feed alot of cooked foods also. Eclectus can be LOUD when they want you where they are but that is most birds once they bond with you but some species are louder than others.

I recommend a Parrotlet but looking for a breeder that spends quality time with them is hard to find. I found the breeder of my Parrotlet in FL. Shes listed on here and has a website. Friendly Bird Aviary. Shes in Orlando and she does ship when the Weather is cooperative. You won't find a Parrotlet any friendlier and my Pastel Blue boy is just stunning and talks and says alot of words. Same as Eclectus goes for mutation parrotlets- no colored pellets or artifical colored foods of any sort.

Good Luck in your Search!
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