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Sun conure question
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Posted 5/7/2011 11:24:13 PM Post #2627

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I asked my breeder about a week ago that I will pay the extra charge to get my bird DNA'ed and she told me they were still to young but she will get them DNA'ed. I didn't ask(It was late and I just got off work ) but how 998old does a bird need to be to get DNA'ed? More specifically a Sun Conure

I forget whether I asked this or not but I will be getting a baby conure soon and I was curious about it home(I get it at 4 weeks and am attempting to have it weaned by 7 weeks).

Would it be ok to line the bottom of the cage I bought the bird with towels rather then putting the baby in a small tank?

Will a heating blanket be needed?

I live in Florida where the humidity is there and it in the summer so the house is generally always around 80F but need to make sure whether or not to pick both of these up.

Is 6:30/4:30/8:30 fine for feeding hours? Then when I get it to 2 feeding do 6:30 and 5:30
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