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yellow nape amazon
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Posted 5/7/2011 2:26:45 AM Post #2626

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I would like to train . She is still a very young baby and I would like her to learn the right behavior now while she is young. I am her first owner so hopefully that is a plus. Thank you for your response I really appriciate it and if you do have any more information please let me know. thanks
Posted 5/30/2011 10:27:42 PM Post #2638

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From my short experience the first thing I kept hearing was "If your looking for a perfect bird, your never going to find it. Birds are not domesticated animals! Especially parrots."

I hated hearing that from people. It drove me nuts to think there wasn't that bird out there for me that I've seen and heard so much about. I knew there was. And I refused to let anybody tell me other wise.

Well, a few months ago I met a neglected amazon parrot. He was in a cage way too small for him and the only thing he knew was food and biting. Well, I cried to see him in that condition. So I brought him home.

After doing tons of research, asking experienced people and watching tons of videos, I have gotten Kiwi to let me scratch his head. He's at the point right now where he comes to me to pay attention to him. He does get loud when he's bored so I try to do silly things to keep him busy. He loves to play fetch with his food. He will take it from my hand and throw it at me to catch it. I'll give it back to him and he tosses it back to me. I'll have to try to get that on video, but it's the cutiest thing.

Anyway, my point is, it might take you a while to find that perfect bird, but when you do please continue to work with him/her. It will pay off in the end. Just look at Kiwi, a month ago he would have bit my finger off and now we play fetch of all things to play. lol

I have taught him all this by starting really slowly with a clicker trainer 15 minutes a day. I started by sticking my hand in the cage just near him to where he wasn't uncomfortable, counted to 30, clicked then pulled hand away said "Good Boy" then walked away for a few minutes and kept repeating that for a week and each time I stuck my hand a little closer to him until he finally let me touch him. I haven't gotten him to get on my hand yet, but that's our next step.

Good luck to you! Hope this advice helps.

Posted 6/3/2011 10:12:30 PM Post #2640

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Good for you and good for Kiwi. I am so glad you gave him a second chance at being loved and giving love in return. Patience is a huge reward where neglected parrots are concerned and even domestic bred ones. They didn't ask to be snatched out of their homes but since they are here we as humans must take them under our wings and make sure they are made comfy in their surroundings.

Thank you for your part I wish you and Kiwi many happy years to come together.
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