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Yellow Nape Amazon
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Posted 5/6/2011 1:40:40 PM Post #2625

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Ok I would like to hear from all of you with Yellow Nape Amazons. I have one on the way, he or she is currently in its egg but should be out at the end of the month which means I will get it at the end of Sept. or first of August. I know every parrot is different( I currently have 9) but no Amazons so I would like to hear a little about yours. Does it talk, sing like to play or just anything you would like to write about your parrot. I know I can talk for hours about mine so hopefully some of you have something to say about your parrot or parrots.


Posted 6/4/2011 12:52:51 PM Post #2641

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Hi:  I have a 35 year old female.  originally we thought it was a boy but i recall a vet telling me it was a girl.  She was about 2 yrs old when my grandparents bought her.  It took me about 6 months to a year to get her to feel comfortable with me back then. I can pick her up if i wrap a towel around my hand so her nails to scratch me or i use one of her perches. she quickly warmed up to me after I returned from a 5 year absence.  when grandparents passed she went to live with my mom and maybe 15 yrs now with me.  she's always liked me and my mom so naturally we were best fit to keep her.    Grandparents had named her Taco so we kept the name.  Taco is bilingual Spanish & English.  When in the company of my grandparents I think she was happier because of all the family members coming and going in the household.  Lots of attention.   She had an extensive vocabulary during those days, words/phrases and two short verse songs.  She still talks but not much variety.  she will repeat anything heard often so a lot of her phrases, majority of the words/phrases are from the days with grandparents and my mom.  but it's always a surprise when she belts out a few words of something different when you least expect it, particularly things from the old days.   she still imitates family members voices and phrases and previous house pets.  It  can get real spooky when it's someone/pet that has passed away and when she makes the sounds my grandmother made during her hospice care at home.   she is aggressive towards male family members or friends  but loves females.  Nonetheless she loves interaction from people.   I let her out of the cage to sit on her 2 perches when I'm home alone.  she may walk off the cage and around a bit.  when she does i have to watch her so she doesn't' try to take a piece of the wood work off.  she doesn't fuss with my min pin & can imitate him.  She is super healthy.  diet is kaytee exact with treats like unsalted shelled peanuts, fruits, veggies.  she use to have coffee and crackers in the a.m.  vet said she had high blood pressure it was changed to decaf and unsalted and not very often now.  I feed her a taste of almost everything i eat that i know won't harm her. we never had to tippy toe around her with regards to noise, crowds, sleeping.  in the a.m. when she hears us stirring most times she'll start calling my name or my son's name.   on summer days i'll put her out in cage on the deck for sun/pleasure and cold bath.  winter days she loves taking showers.  starts off sqawking but ends up crooning and loving it within a few minutes.  i hate it when she tries to bath herself in her water bowl so I make sure to check it daily.  in the past she's blessed some family members and pets with a bit but that's because they probably approached her cage with surprise or thought she was tamer then she looked.   her cage is fresh because it's easy to clean.  I hope you enjoy my Taco story. 
Posted 9/17/2011 6:13:22 PM Post #2726

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need yellow naped pllllllllllzzzz and hope u can ship it to kuwait

babyya 10 bird

be happy

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