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Warning to Bird Sellers/Rescue
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Posted 4/7/2011 2:55:20 AM Post #2581

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Hi, We do regular checks on possible adopter/buyers.
Over time we have found some clients to be less than honest or on some level unsuitable.
I wont slander anyone but I will list a few names and those with serious concern or involvement can contact us if necessary.

We request that EVERYONE be careful and really check the people taking their birds home.
We had one person end up having 36 birds they claimed all to be pets (I know it happens people) and in our rescue's opinion and in most cases the eyes of the law ( most places have pet limits and yes even bird limits) there is no way to provide the proper pet enviornment with that many birds.
We also often find sub-standard veterinary or housing and in some cases poor care/ nutrition.

If you need more info on how to help weed out the good homes from the less than great ones please ask away!

B. Puriet
M. P. Flankenhoir
C. A. Diobious
N. Scotts

A bird in the hand is one that should have been left in the bush!
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