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Posted 4/11/2011 6:40:50 PM Post #2597

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Thank you sooooo very much for your advice. I really do appreciate it. I am going to try that. I have found his favorite so far seems to be chicken. I'll use that as his treats. I have stopped letting him out of this cage due to your advice. I thought that was a good thing to let him out to stretch. But his cage is pretty big so he can stretch in there.

Again thank you for the advice. I will let you know how it goes.

Posted 4/12/2011 7:26:15 AM Post #2599

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Ok just to make sure you understand he does need to come out of his gage but it needs to be you taking him out and putting him back. That way he looks forward to seeing you knowing he is getting to come out and play. If you let him come out and go back in when he gets ready he is no longer depending on you for that and he can become aggressive when you try and take him out or put him back. You do not have to take him out everyday but you do need to spend time talking to him. I don't take mine out daily because I don't want them to get used to something I can't always do but when I do open the cage door they meet me at the door and  are happy to step up with no problems. They have extra large cages so plenty of room for exercise and good toys to play with and chew on. I have a radio on a timer that comes on twice a day for about an hour  each time that keeps them happy and entertained while I am at work. Good luck with your bird and remember everything happens when you learn to trust one another not just when you want it to.
Posted 4/12/2011 4:35:07 PM Post #2600

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I am doing what you suggested and using a feather. It took him a while to come around and not try to bite it, but he finally did it. I got to touch him with the feather all over his head, back and belly. After awhile, I think he might have liked it. He's had such a rough day that he's just exhausted right now. I've been working with him off n on. I don't think anybody has ever worked with him like that before. He is trying to copy my woof whistle. He's not doing too bad for just starting out with attention. Poor thing has been threw so much in his short life. I'm really hoping I can give him a better one. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will keep you up to date on the progress.

p.s. Being he is in the biggest cage he's ever been in, I think he can stay in there most of the time. He has plenty of room to stretch. I wont let him out again. I dont want him flying around the house. I am also using that suggestion. Being I am the one who stays home and takes care of the house and kids while hubby is working, I am the main caretaker of the bird also. He's not yet excited to see me daily, I'm sure one day that may come. For now, I'll take your advice and take it slow, and just keep working with him. I am so grateful for your help. I'm sure the bird will be also inthe end. He really deserves a better life than he's been given. If you have any other suggestions for me, Please do so. I can use all the help I can get. Again, ty so much! 

Posted 8/12/2012 12:04:45 PM Post #3061

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This is my girl, Roxy! She is 4yrs. old and I've had her now for 2 days. I bought everything she needed at once, along with her. Her original owner sold her to a pet store! I found out by researching her tag and determining who and where her breeder was located, when she was born and place of birth. I then called her breeder and found out who bought Roxy at birth and the funny thing is, the previous owner lives only 20min. from me! Roxy's breeder has DNA certificate and all. She is mailing me all the records for Roxy. I am thankful to have found such information on Roxy and most of all, I am thankful for finding Roxy herself! My husband and I have been wanting a cockatoo for a long time. We would go almost 2 hours away to a zoo just to see the giraff and cockatoo's! Our son is also 4yrs old and he loves Roxy. Roxy loves him as well. He held her for the 1st time yesterday and she didn't want to leave his lap! She loved his orange sweat pants lol! I am posting this because I am new to cockatoo's and wanted to give a lil history about her so that I may be able to get any advise you all may have. I have done a lot of research on care, feeding, bedding, etc. She has a big cage, lots of awesome toys and extra of everything, due to the hubby wanting to spoil her already- which he has! If you all have any specific advise for me, please reply. Roxy has a large vocab, she is very calm, loving and a really big cuddler. She has no meaness to her and her bites are playful and/or just to get a feel for the person. I am in love with this lil girl- she is no bird! She is as human as I! I appreciate all- Thanks & God Bless!
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