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society finches
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Posted 10/1/2010 11:32:09 AM Post #2411

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Hi everyone!

I have about 60 society finches plus a pair of orange cheeked waxbills , almost all from a rescued bird source, in a large aviary cage. I also have 2 sets of pied ring neck doves  in seperate cages each, and a pair of parakeets. Most of my societies are pied. By choosing their own mate, the process is as close to nature as I can get. I know who is mail and female, and by keeping track, there is NO in breeding! I know that I am fortunate for that. The cage has Mazantia branches plus magnolia branches for the bounce that they like so much. I have birds ranging from 11 years to just a few weeks old. They bring me such joy, and are such happy little birds.

 I had a pair of strawberry before they stopped shipping them here and I really miss the male's singing. Anyone out there have a pair? I know that  I'd have to take the waxbills out. Not a problem.

I use the large tube waterers on the side and also have a dinner plate filled with water for them to bathe in on the floor of the cage. I have a hanging wild bird feeder in the center of the cage. An inverted bowl is hanging on a branch directly under it to keep seed and poop out of the bath water.

The seed that I use is the Kaytee Forti-Diet with the Omega 3's. This way the vitamins from egg food are already added and I don't have to worry about who's not getting what. My birds are much healthier since I started using it about a year ago. I also hang a dish of it off of the side of the cage. I have a lady who owns a pet store for birds. She can order the food in the 25 lb bags. For greens, I feed my finches fresh parsley every day. It's supposed to pack the most punch as far as having the vitamins that they need. They can't wait to get at it! The birds are really good about taking turns. No bullying.

I hang a big bunch of millet in the cage which I rotate every day and replace stalks as needed.

I use a light amount of gravel on the floor on top of unprinted newspaper. (You can buy it in sheets. Comes in a big pack.) I had read somewhere that the dyes used in colored ink ads in the newspaper give off toxic fumes when mixed with urine. I am careful to use only black and white newsprint. Seems everything is colored these days.That means my whole family saves me newspaper!

I have provided some huts/nests for the birds, but the most popular by far is to give them cocoa fiber so that they may build their own nests. I have strategically placed wooden dowels to help hold them up along with some greenery that looks like ferns.

All of my friend know that I am a bird freak. I have all kinds of books on them, read all that I can about them, and am an afficionato of outdoor birds as well. My house is full of bird items. You can never have too much

I am here to listen and learn and hopefully meet new breeders for other sources for birds. Glad to be here.


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