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Relocating breeders for a hurricane
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Relocating breeders for a hurricane Expand / Collapse
Posted 9/1/2010 8:48:38 AM Post #2388

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Here on the outer banks of NC, dosen't look good, i've read several stories about fla, breeders moving breeders for a hurricane and putting them in smaller cages and relocating them with poor results Ie, excessive stress, mutalation of mates, etc. Any thoughts on the subject? any adivice? I do have two pairs (DYH,OWA) on eggs due to hatch this week. PS i have Amazons,   the pets will be fine, they are used to travel and travel cages, thanks RW
Posted 8/20/2013 3:39:36 AM Post #3277

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This is probably a bit expensive and not helpful for the very near future , but a "root cellar" is a goood option. I live in north central Florida and have been in a few storms . If the birds are actually on Eggs I do NOT recommend trying to move them to a different cage. I've had some severely bad luck trying this when I first started breeding.

  I recommend getting transport/shipping crates suited for the particular species( not on eggs) and using them to ride out the storm.

Put some milletspray, couple handfuls of parrot mix for larger birds and don't forget juicy Fruits and Veggies as this may, and probably will be only source of fluid for a day or so, hopefully no longer.

  PS ,Make sure your root cellar is vented, a simple PVC pipe with a wind Turbine , if can, or at least a vent cap on outside will suffice, 2" or larger,depends on amount of birds, and a generator sure won't hurt.

 When my time has passed is it too much to ask, for a lil bit of sympathy, just a lil bit of sympathy.  Robin Trower


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