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Plucking Pionus Pair
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Posted 7/12/2010 1:48:22 AM Post #2352

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I have a mature pair of Pionus parrots they have been tested for PBFD and have negative results.

The feathers on the top of thier heads are becoming scarce, but not bald. They have plucked around their vents also, noticable bare patches. The wing and tail feathers appear to be bitten in places (typical 'v' of a snapped feather), although not terrible at present I am unsure if the birds are doing this to themselves or each other. One bird is slightly more tatty then the other this is the one which presents the snapped feathers on it's primaries. These days I am recently finding down feathers. I am unsure if this is a standard Pi moult or something more drastic be it due to having 2 birds together.

In themselves both birds appear normal, and helahty, dropping are great, nothing has changed in thier routine and they are not in a smokey environment etc.

In all respects they get on, always fly with each other and if appart will be in constant vocal contact with each other.

Posted 8/28/2010 11:19:42 PM Post #2381

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Well, how are they kept?  Are they in a VERY large carge?  Can they see the sun?  Do they have privacy?  If this is a M/F couple, are they trying to breed/nest?  Rethink everything!  Are they kept covered at night?  How many hours?  My training and instinct tells me always to go back to basic questions when a problem arises.  Look at the birds most basic situation, try to see it from their viewpoint.  Does a dog bark all day/night?  Do people go in? out? all hours of the day?  What do they need?!  This is really the most basic, essential question.  Research  your particular breed of bird, find out EVERYTHING there is to know about it, and see what might be lacking.  The answer is probably there.
Posted 2/24/2011 2:39:35 PM Post #2542

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Usually, parrots pluck because of boredom. They only do otherwise occationally. Do your birds have enough toys? Are you playing with them regularly? Plucking is when birds are bored, so they preen and preen with nothing else to do. Eventually, they preen so much, their feathers start falling out. That is feather plucking.

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