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Two tiels considernig third or Budgie??
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Posted 7/7/2010 5:57:29 PM Post #2347

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Good Afternoon Community!

I currently have two cockatiels. One of which is quite old, pushing 18 years old and is very tame (she prefers to spend her afternoons either asleep in a tissue box she enjoys chewing up or a top the other bird's cage.
The second bird is a relatively new addition to the family, but she is extremely shy. She was attained through a rescue because her abandonment and abuse pulled at my heart strings. We've been working with her and she accepts treats from our hand and allows me to touch her belly, though only for a few seconds. My thought is she was once tame, but bunched up with a group of siblings and abused (the other birds plucked the feathers out of her neck...) she has lost trust in humans and forgotten the caring attention we can provide.

My husband is a fan of small birds and has often mentioned that he is seeking a tame finch, or to raise a finch on our own. I believe these little birds are a bit much, like having a new born for 8 weeks, I'm not sure he'll be able to hang. , But I've put out a few ads in freecycle and pet stores to attain some.

On the other hand, I have been looking into parakeets, namely the very small American birds (If I get this confused, please correct me!). I've noticed that these slightly larger birds are more often tamed than their smaller finch counterparts, so buying a couple brothers seems like a better investment.

Now, because I already have two cockatiels and know exactly how they behave and how to treat them, not to mention their temperament is to die for. I have the necessary cages and toys...
But he's still a fan of a bird that can fit in the palm of his hand and trot about on his shoulder. Should I consider a new tame cockatiel or go with two tame budgies instead?
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