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Posted 6/1/2010 6:51:39 PM Post #2313

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Talk Tiels was created to be a productive environment for holding tiel discussions. There's parrot forums out there. And while SOME do have a section for tiel owners, that's all it will ever be, a section. These are small birds that tend to get overlooked and even lost among their larger parrot cousins. Talk Tiels prides itself in focusing on the tiel and in giving tiel owners, both new and experienced, a vehicle where they can come together and share their love for this amazing "little" parrot.


Please join me in helping Talk Tiels grow and become a well-known tiel forum online. I'm sure you'd love to share tiel stories, owner experiences, pictures, and so much more! It's a great place for you to grow, as a new owner (if you are a new owner), or help less experienced owners in their journies as a tiel owner (if you've owned a tiel or tiels for some time now).
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