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Any Ideas
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Posted 5/12/2010 10:11:33 PM Post #2289

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I bought an african grey about 4 years ago and was told he was specifically a breeder bird and was NEVER handled, which I am fine with.  He is a great guy for us.  He loves to stay in his cage and occasionally he will come out and walk all around, although you cannot handle him to put him back in his cage.  He will just go back in when he is ready.  If we need him to you kinda have to follow him and scoot him back over until he goes over, but other than that he does great with us.  He will talk on occasion BUT....  he spouts off stuff that you can't really understand.  I've worked and worked with him since I got him to try to get him to talk to me.  He will only say a few specific things for us to hear.  I have caught him on camera talking up a storm.  All kinds of things that he "pretends" to not know.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to help him understand it is ok to talk to me???  Or will he never talk to me???  I know he is very smart and knows what I'm saying to him while I'm talking to him, but he prefers to ignore me.  He loves to whistle back and forth with me, but there again he will only whistle two different kinds of whistles to me, on camera he did others I've tried to get him to do???  I'm stumped on him.  I bought him because I couldn't stand the thought of him going from home to home to home anymore.  He found his forever home.....  I just wish I could bond more with him.  Will this ever be possible?  I've even thought of maybe getting another grey that he could interact with more during the day?  Would this be a good idea?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks~

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