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Cockatiel Questions
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Posted 3/19/2010 4:26:13 PM Post #2219

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My name is Alicia and we currently have what appears to be about a year old Cockatiel. He was tame according to the previous owners but they didn't work with him much and after seeing his environment there I felt like I just had to save him. We have had him for about 6 weeks now. He still very much bites when you try to take him out of his cage. My husband has gotten him out using a pen as a perch before and once he is out he is fine. We do leave his cage door open an he will come out onto it but still when approached will back into his cage away from us. He hasn't really been playing with toys, he also does not take treats from a hand or even if you set it in a dish for him.

Just looking for any thoughts or suggestions as it is starting to get frustrating, since our son is the reason we were looking for one and he can't seem to hold him or interact with him. My husband is wanting to get another Cockatiel but with the way that this one has been behaving so far I am hesitant.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

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