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Please Help! - Confused about the type of bird that I should get for myself + Training Course
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Posted 2/7/2010 8:02:50 AM Post #2172

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I'm in search of a parrot that can handle my lifestyle.
Thus, I need the help of experienced parrot owners/breeders to -

1. Help me select a bird that is right for me
2. Advise me on which course to view (i.e. certain parrot training dvds - I'm a visual learner) - i.e. I 've read that clicker training is great for training parrots.
3. Hopefully - I hope there's someone here who knows a good breeder or pet shop in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (preferably) or Sharjah; if not - if there's someone who can share their personal experience about importing birds into the UAE - that would be great.

Below is a summary of my needs -

Sex Preference - Female (since I've read that they are comparative less aggressive than males)

Age Preference - I would prefer a young weaned bird

Requirements -
- Not aggressive (easy to handle);
- Not too loud of a voice (the quieter the better);
- Minimum smell / odor (my family had 'wild' Indian red necks before - and these birds didn't smell (just mentioning this since I read something about Amazon males smelling, or about cockatoo 'dust'?;
- Basically I don't mind IF it doesn't talk - I would prefer a playful and cuddly bird with a calm nature that doesn't mind being handled.

Options - Macaw, Amazon, Grey, Cockatoo

Not Inclined Towards - I'm not inclined towards getting a smaller bird (as truthfully I like bigger birds and from what I know - bigger birds are smarter than the smaller breeds).

Time I can spend with the bird - At least 2 hours everyday

Location - Currently in the UAE

Willing to Spend - Less than US$400 hopefully, I was getting an Amazon for around US$175 here (contacted the UAE based pet store owner online, but I don't think that it is a tame bird - assuming it to a male Amazon that can't be handled). The prices of Macaws, cockatoos are exorbitant here (to give you an idea) -
African Grey US$1000+
scarlet macaw US$4,500+
blue macaw US$2,000+

Skill Level - I would consider myself a beginner. Since I've only had caged 'wild' Indian red neck parrot and 'wild' cockatiels when I was a kid. And the only birds that I've handled (clipped their feathers - till they knew where their 'home' was; and hand fed are pigeons - but i guess that is completely different than hand feeding parrots.

Thanks in advance and apologies if I haven't phrased my words correctly - just desperately seeking experienced help to start.

Any breeders in the UAE - please get in touch. Need to get a hand raised bird for a "reasonable" price.
Posted 2/15/2010 7:57:40 PM Post #2182

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How about a Pionus? That seems to be fitting what you are looking for.
Posted 5/13/2010 3:51:33 PM Post #2292

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I agree. Pionus might be a good selection for you. But PLEASE keep in mind that you can't make broad generalizations about parrots. You can't say that males are going to be more aggressive than females. Parrots are individuals. You may be able to predict certain behaviors based on their species. Many parrot behaviors (screaming, aggressiveness, plucking) can be directly attributed to their humans! The most darling, lovable newly weaned baby (of any species) can turn into a screaming, biting, plucking monster if its human isn't aware of and capable of meeting its needs.
Posted 5/14/2010 10:38:01 AM Post #2294

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I am in a similar situation just started trying to get a tame blue and gold macaw in the U.A.E. but beware of scams. Finding breeders here is nearly impossible, but should be achievable, I've only been looking a week, I will keep trying. Just be sure to visit the bird before you buy it and collect it in person. I have been warned that if possible get the bird pbfd tested as this is a common killer, especially in the uae. Nad Al Sheeba vets would be a good place to start looking as they deal with avian veterinary and may have more information. Also I would advise that you look into american veterany clinic as they can import all sorts of animals but there is an awful lot of paperwork involved as almost all parrots are cities registered.

I am no expert but have 8 years of bird keeping experience, and must say I have had experience with greys, conures, Pi's, too's tiels and amazons.

My true love is with Conures, hence the desire for thier bigger "relative"

From experience greys and too's are more emotional and doing things wrong with these birds often causes a real problem. Amazons and conures have been the loudest, but playful and good fun, although nippy at times. And the Pi's god bless them are sweethearts, not to noisey they seem to chatter more then screach for things. They are not really talkers, but I never felt talking was essential in birds. the Pi's are probably the birds who get along happy if you are with them all the time or  not and due to your time constraints a bird who is not going to have you enough of the time, woudl need to know it's routine from the beginning, no playing with it solidly for the first week then expecting it to settle into having you for an hour or two a day comfortably.

You could waste a fortune on training videos, and nothing is better then real experience, I would speak with people who know of parrots and get them to talk you through or even show you how to deal with some of the situations you may face, as almost every young bird I have had regardless of sex went through the "teen stage" and some of them could be relied upon to be grouchy or slightly unpredicatble at "that time of the year".

You wouldn't go wrong picking up one or two books to let you know what you'll expect from the parrot you chose and also research it on the internet, but many of the books repeat the same info, so don't buy 10 of them expecting a wide variety of differing information. Body language is the best cue to working with parrots, and taming or training them, and they are very expressive, so with knowledge of smaller birds already, you've probably got to grips with this.

As for smell parrots do have an odour about them, it's not really offensive often they smell strangley nice, musky, or at least comforting when cuddling them. As long as they are regularly bathed, showered or however they prefer to get a wash, and the cage, rooms etc are clean then there is no real smell that you could expect from a cat in the house.

The mess, well having smaller birds you will know hwo much mess a bird can make, so yes whilst you get too dust, the reminents of food (and if not properly toilet trained areas of poop, are the biggest mess, feathers dust etc is all just in addition to this.

If I find a breeder here I will be sure to let you know. Anyway I have written a lot message back if you have any other questions and goodl uck with your search for a bird.

Posted 5/14/2010 10:48:00 AM Post #2295

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Actually one more thing to emphasise what some one metnioend about generalisations, I am sitting with two Pi. Maximillions behind me; one is very sweet and affectionate the other doesn't appreciate being handled, but won't reject the offer of a tasty piece of fruit from you either. the one who is not so keen to be touched is the one who dispite his apparent over confident nature, is actually quite nervous around people, so likely to nip a bit if he feels threatened. Everything is a day by day issue with parrots.

I have one wonderful hand reared conure who became a challenge upon maturing, and another parent reared conure who went from not being touched the a total doting bird cuddley bird, who even said good night and what's that.

so even in the same species there are differences in personality and also hand reared or parent reared. It's generally the consistancy of training at whatever pace and style the parrot prefers that makes or breaks a parrot. And if you slack for a week then you'll know from the birds. one of my smallest conures was brighter then any dog I have ever owned, and constantly kept me thinking of ways to entertain him or tricks he could learn.

Posted 5/28/2011 5:48:48 PM Post #2637

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I love small conures. My first bird was a maroon belly and now I hand feed green cheeks. I have an eclectus that I got as a biter/screamer/plucker. She is great but a mess (getting better)

I didn't have any training but I read a bit. My little conure ended up talking quite a bit and being potty trained without me trying. I like "Parrots for dummies". I also talked with a few people who had very well behaved birds and when something came up I used common sense and the Internet -in that order-

I should also say that I agree with the other posters too.
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