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New Bourke (from Breeder) not friendly?
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Home » Bird Chat » Behavior Issues » New Bourke (from Breeder) not friendly?

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Posted 10/14/2009 11:18:38 AM Post #2078

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Hello, I bought a Bourke from a 'referred' breeder.  Was supposed to be hand-fed.  Was 7-8 weeks old.  I have had parrots (many years ago) so have some knowledge, plus I have read 3 books about birds to make sure I could figure things out.  Here's the problem:
Lilly is my 10 year old daugthers pet.  We bought a very large cage (23"Wx23"Dx36"H) and have had the single Bourke for 4 weeks now.  She (and I) have attempted to hold millet in our hand and offer it into the cage, 3 times per day for 3 weeks now and the bird still is scared and also does not take "any" treats.  Have tried millet spray, cut strawberries, spinach leaf, sunflower (no shell) to no avail. In frustration, I conacted the breeder (had to email twice to get a response!. but, having mulitlple questions and posing my point that this bird could not have been hand-fed, what she thought of the situation...  She did not answer any other questions just said:  Use a smaller cage.  At this point, I was considering returning the bird!
PLease help.  We love the bird, but thought we were buying from a breeder that hand-fed and that was a 'better' purchase than a pet-store.

Any help would be aprreciated.  I just didn't want ot spend money on a small cage, when ALL input said get the largest cage you can!

It is a single parakeet. Has bell; swing; mirror; ladder; (none are being used); plus has 4 different sized (and material) perches.


Rhode Island 

Posted 12/10/2009 7:56:44 PM Post #2115

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Hello Lew!

I feel so sorry for you. You had such high expectations and the little Bourke is nothing you hoped! People make the mistake to think that hand fed birds are for sure tame, but it is not true! Many factors determine a bird's temperament. One is genetic, another is timing (at what age was the bird pulled out for hand feeding?), and one is the breeder's way of feeding a bird. All these factors are very important.

Another thing you should know is that if Bourkes have not been handled a lot during hand feeding, chances are they will become shy and not very active birds. Bourkes in general are very sedentary birds. They are the most active at sunrise and sunset. A nice hand fed and well handled one, would be more active and would come to the cage's opening for attention. If you bird is not doing that, I would suggest to put her in a smaller cage (20x20), do not put any toys, set the cage at eye level backing up a wall,and leave the door open. As soon as she perches on the door exit offer your index finger as a perch and say "up,up!". If she is curious enough she will do that and she will learn that coming out of the cage means to meet you! Soon she should bond and want to come out every time she sees you. You can try this method (my method), and see if it works. It might take many days for her to want to perch on the door's opening. Don't force her out by grabbing her! It will make things worse! Be patient and eventually she will turn around.

If you have more questions, I will be glad to talk to you over the phone. You can find my contact information on my website

Good luck!

Posted 1/25/2011 7:42:32 AM Post #2500

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You should wait some more and let it out of it's cage once in a while. Even if it is hand fed it can be mean, and if it wasn't, it can still be nice, you need to train it.

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