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Weaning B&G...
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Posted 9/13/2009 6:47:28 PM Post #2054

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At 11 weeks my B&G was on 2 feedings and eating pellets/fruits/veggies but now at 14 weeks, he will only eat half the amount at each feedings, and he doesnt eat nearly the amounts of fruits/veggies he used to.  I dont force him to take the feedings and wonder if he is close to being weaned.  He eats, but I wonder if he is eating enough?  He would eat greens and rice/beans but now refuses.  (I hope its not my cooking...) Have I created a finicky eater?  He wont even eat nuts like he did a couple weeks ago.  He will see the Vet again later this week, so I will inquire but I thought I would ask for advice here too.

Also, his wings were clipped by Avian Vet two weeks ago, and this weekend he began to fly through the house again.  Is this normal to be able to fly from room to room after a clipping?  On average, how often do wings need to be clipped?  I am afraid to take him outdoors now if he can fly...  Any advice?  Thanks...  Thomas B.

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