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I need some advice - My cockatoo is fitting (not throwing a spastic- actual fits)
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Posted 3/7/2009 7:21:39 PM Post #1827

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I have a baby cockatoo, that's not even 12 months old yet, and he's starting to have fits. Everyone in the world knows of Black Saturday (7th February 2009)- I live in that state.

First off I thought that the fits were heat related, as that was when they had started- but now that the heat has subsided, he's been having a fit every few days- Last night he had 2 fits- one about midnight, then another about 3-4am. That has prompted me to be here now.

His body contorts on his perch, until he falls off (I was able to catch him first time last night- as I have put his perch on the wall and it bangs when he's fitting), his little toes scrunch up where it looks painful, then his body will go rigid, his wings will go out and he tries to walk (this is when he finally hits the ground). When I hold him he forces his body up and outwards.

His breathing fastens and the force he uses to breathe in, he makes squawking sounds- It is better now- his first few fits, I had to start him breathing again.

When he finally settles down- after about 5 mins that feel like an eternity- he's disorientated. He looks around like he has no idea where he is- he recognises me, I tell him to give me cuddles (his favorite thing to do).

The days of his fits, he's very slow at moving- he still eats etc.

I HAVE TO STRESS HE DOES HAVE BEAK AND FEATHER DISEASE- but I cannot link these fits to the disease.

The rest of the time he is happy! He sings and dances, loves cuddles and kisses, plays... He's normal the rest of the time- I just don't know what to do about these fits- and what it is he's lacking to create them.

I give him a multi vitamin called Soluvet.

He's a mummy's boy, and I am really attached to him- so if anyone has any ideas on what these fits are, and any advice on how to get rid of them, I will be very grateful!

(I have taken him to vet- but they are pretty useless)

Thanks for your time!

The Vixen

Posted 3/8/2009 10:31:54 AM Post #1829

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awww poor baby! how sad for him. Iwould find a vet that is USEFUL first of all and have a complete blood panel done . this sounds like seizures and if not known what is causing them could be fatal if not handled properly. Sorry I don't have answers fro you but hopefully someone else will...we do you live? can you travel to a good avian vet??



Posted 3/11/2009 9:07:07 AM Post #1834

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I live in Victoria, in Australia- kind of half way from everywhere (known as the Wimmera area)...

I have done a lot of thinking, and the clostest thought is that I started to give him cornflakes (as the heat made him refuse to eat for days)- and thought and thought on if that could create these fits- as they had started very soon (within a day) after that. I have stopped giving them to him, no more fits yet!!!

Can foods create seizures???

I am searching for a well recommended avairian at the moment- he loves the car, so big long trips he'll love!!!! And distance will be no drama for me!

I will ask for blood tests to be carried out to make sure of what is creating them for him to be treated. As I said, I'm really attached to him, and it devestates me when he goes through that.

At the moment he's loving going to sleep on his own special chair in Mum's room!! (More cuddles than sleep sometimes!)

By the way- It's nice to meet you!!!!

The Vixen

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