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Posted 8/25/2008 7:27:38 PM Post #1542

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I just got a new peach faced lovebird, he was only 30 dollars with a large cage and tons of toys, so I figured why not, its been a couple years since my tiel passed. Anyways, he was really nice at the pet store, I would have rather got him from a breeder, but I was told hes younge. I was also told that they were told he was a male, but could be wronge. Im going to talk to my local breeder and see what vet they use, then take him there for a checkup. Hes really pretty, with tons of color in his tail. Theres just a few things, when I get near his cage he lunges at me and bites, not too hard but its no playful bite, this is obviously just him protecting his cage right? Once he is out hes pretty nice, my friend got a peach faced from the same store and it was the same way, now its the nicest bird ive ever come across, im hoping Bug will come around soon, ive just been keeping his cage opened, I clipped his wings and just let him sit on top of his cage, giving him little scraps of watermelon. I heard they can talk but its really rare, but when I ask him to step up he usually will but sometimes he sounds like he says no or nu-uh. Im not sure if hes talking or not. The pet store also gave me cockatiel feed for him to eat, any suggestions on anything?
Posted 8/25/2008 10:15:47 PM Post #1543

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UPDATE ;; So I let him attack my fingers lol. He bit me a few times, then he just stopped and all of a sudden hes all friendly. Now he wont stay off of me, he can still fly a little bit, not far at all, and he flys from the cage to me hes so cute. Still any advice on diet change or anything else I should do would be awsome.
Posted 1/6/2009 6:25:23 PM Post #1735

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I think the behavior has to do with something that's happened at the pet store. Perhaps children would poke at him or maybe even the employees mistreated him in some way...who knows. Just be patient with him because their trust doesn't come automatically. As for food, a good seed mix will do along with fresh veggies such as carrots, broccoli, peas, corn. Make sure you cook the carrots slightly to release the beta carotene. They'll eat almost any veggie but make sure you do not feed him avocado (because it kills), salty or seasoned foods. They'll eat cooked (plain) pasta, fruits such as apples, grapes, oranges, papaya and so on. There's some good sites on the internet you can research with a lot of good info on lovebirds, here's a few:
and if you want to ask other bird owners questions and get serious and honest answers go here:
Hope that helps and good luck with your lovebird!
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