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Blue Fronted Amazon
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Posted 8/22/2008 5:59:38 PM Post #1519

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Hi everyone. I have had my precious little Blue Fronted Amazon just shy of a year. I only have one problem with her, she still will not step-up. She got a bad wing clip, which I am sure traumatized her, and as a result she got a broken blood feather and it had to be doctored everyday. The Avian Vet I took her to told me  to keep working on getting her to step-up, but when I would she would always fall to the grate and knick the blood feather that was trying to heal, so I stopped working with her so that it could heal. I let them grow out, and just now had left clipped again (a good job this time) and she still doesn't want to step-up. She doesn't lunge or bite for blood, she just runs away. She will put one foot on my finger, but she won't let go of the cage with her other foot. She takes treat, lets me rub the one foot, talks, whistles, gives five, but I cannot get her to step-up. I have even tried showing her that my Swainson's Lori step-ups and everything is okay, but that hasn't worked. I am seeking the opinion and help of another Avian Net this next week, but does anyone have any advice or suggestions? She does come out of her cage and gives me kisses, etc. Thank you for any help.
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