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Posted 4/24/2008 11:05:47 PM Post #1271

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My tile laid four eggs, more than a month ago.l know I should remove them, but she seemed to have such a hard time that I am trying to hold her down from laying any more I have seen her mating twice within the last two weeks. So I am planing on removing the nest to clean and throwing out the four eggs she has now if I can get the male out of the cage. I noticed that the eggs are dirty. When she lays this time should I clean them this time or leave them alone. I could use the advice.  Weize
Posted 5/19/2010 1:39:14 PM Post #2298

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Hi I to also have a male and female bird who mates, but let it bee, its natural for them to mate, also never brake them up, i tried doing that and it just got my birds really mad and stressed out, so never do that with your birds, also about the eggs, if you want babes leave them let the birds take care of it thats mother nature. and if you don't want eggs buy fake eggs the size of the cockatiel egg then remove them and place the fake eggs in the nest, you never want to keep throwing the eggs out that will just make her lay more.

Catherine J Moeller[/i]
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