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Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Birds For Sale > Amazons > Double Yellow Head Amazon > Bird # 86499

Details for Bird ID# 86499
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Address (View Map)
Englewood, OH
Phone # (937)269-6389
Email swohiobirds@yahoo.com
Website www.swohiobirds.com

Southwest Ohio Birds
Bird ID 86499
Species Double Yellow Head Amazon
Status Born
Price $1,395.00 Each
HatchDate 5/28/2014
Readydate 8/15/2014
PostedDate 6/16/2014 8:10:23 PM
Sex F
Band N/A
Quantity Available 1
Warranty Southwest Ohio Birds guarantees this bird (at the time of sale/shipment) to be free of any major, incurable avian diseases and congenital defects that will affect the life of the bird. This is a 5 day guarantee in which the bird must be seen by a certified avian vet for diagnosis. Buyer is responsible for all vet fees and expenses.
Shipping Yes, shipping is offered via Delta Airlines or Continental/United.***If I am able to ship throughContinental/United (limited availability) shipping costs listed will be reduced by $50.*** The charge including flight, carrier, and insurance is $180 for small birds (Linnies, Conures, Cockatiels), $195 for medium birds (African Greys, Amazons, Pionus, Eclectus), and $215 for large birds (Macaws).
Comments Now accepting deposits on 1 baby Double Yellow Head Amazon. DNA Sexed Female. This baby will be weaned on pellets, limited seed, and plenty of fresh foods. These birds make great talkers. $450.00 deposit to hold until weaned.

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